Pinterest 10 Art-board Photoshop Template


Click the images to expand for size.


To use this template, drag and drop photos into each board, adjust the photo to fit. To edit text, go to edit, find/replace and type what you want to replace and what you are replacing. Then adjust colors accordingly.

Contact me for custom sizes and branded templates.

Fonts used (these are free fonts but you can replace with any font you want)

  • Eds Market Regular
  • Abeganshi
  • HaloHandletter
  • Silom
  • Impact
  • Eds Market Upright
  • Poleno
  • SignPainter
  • Anydore

Sizes include 2 of each

  • 750×1500
  • 1200×1800
  • 1000×1500
  • 700×1050
  • 600×900


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